The Doughty Duck
The gracefulness of its movements comes close to the lightness, freshness and delicacy of Vinho Verde Rosé, a citrus and sweet experience, slightly carbonated in body and soft palate.

Classy, fancy

and bold.

Slightly fizzy wine with cherry colorful notes and a refreshing red berries flavor, possessing a mild sweetness as well as an acidic, engaging finish.
Sensory profile
  • Should be served at 10ºC to 12º C (50° to 53.6°F)
  • Chilled for two or three hours
  • Or 30 minutes on an iced frappé
Lighter than most and especially aromatic, Vinho Verde has a refreshing finish provided by a balanced blend of indigenous varieties, varying according to its color and characteristics.
Made from Espadeiro

Espadeiro produces light-bodied wines usually associated with Vinho Verde. This variety is used to tint rosé wines with a mild pink color.

Made from Vinhão

An heavy-colored grape variety from the Douro D.O.C. region, producing the most dark and opaque wines and to tint Rosés. It offers a strong rustic palate, full-bodied texture with high levels of acidity.

Sweet and tender.
Vinho Verde shares an acidic, crisp and slightly fizzy body.
Bottle Rose


Denomination of Origin

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.
Each bottle is certified and identified by a numbered seal of guarantee to assure the quality of all methods and processes, issued by the Commission of The Vinho Verde Region.