So your fancier friend who knows a lot about wines surprises you with a over-the-top bottle which he refers to as a “young”, “fresh” ou “vivacious” Vinho Verde wine. And you just don’t know what to do with it. Does it taste better than a dry type or a sweet type of wine?

The answer might surprise you.

What’s Vinho Verde?

You need to know the basics: Vinho Verde is undeniably young and unapologetic. It doesn’t age in wooden barrels and id doesn’t sit for months or years for it to develop aromas. That’s the special thing with Vinho Verde: it has its own identity.

You can expect a different but cheerful flavor – lighter yet acidic, with a fruity, floral or nutty fragrance. But you can learn more here.

So: does it taste better?

It tastes absolutely great. It tastes different.

Imagine you’re by the pool just relaxing and you crave some snacks, just some salty food like some cheese and crackers and maybe a drink to set it. Or maybe you are with some friends at dinner and made an exciting new seafood recipe (we can bet ours are just as good, but see for yourself).

You know what pairs perfectly? Vinho Verde. It’s so light and even a little bubbly, ideal to complement summer foods and snacks.

You know what? You can decide if it tastes better. Come chat with us and we’ll recommend you just the right wine for you.

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March 1, 2019

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