Is Green Wine or as they call it “Vinho Verde” green? Or even green-ish?

You have been wondering if the exclusive wine you have heard of a friend who visited recently the tiny yet beautiful country by the sea – Portugal – is really green.

Well the ultimate answer is no. But it can be. But mostly, no.

Green wine is not green and, in fact, it can be many colors such as red, white or pink – we call it rosé. Yes it’s fancier. Yes you may address it this way.

What green means is that your wine is young. That addresses many components of its core: the color, the flavor, the aroma, its alcoholic percentage, its acidity and even its fragrance. And because of it, it can be categorized so you can pair it more easily because you would recognize its type.

Vinho verde is undeniably fresh – that’s what it means.

Most wines age in aluminum or wooden barrels to develop its flavors or grow some complexity and that’s the standard behavior. But green wine (again, it’s called Vinho Verde) is young. It isn’t mature. So it’s the teenage rebel of its kind. But it does have complexity, it does have flavor.

It is a lightly sparkling and acidic young wine ideal for the best summer sipsand combined with some great recipes – come take a look at our Food&Wine Blog.

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March 19, 2019

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