The Cool Otter
Hybrid in its habitat, among valleys, rivers and mountains of the region's microclimate, The Cool Otter embodies the surrounding nature that provides wines with a lightness, freshness and unique palate.

Refreshing, delicate

and elegant.

Citrus yellow in colour, this Loureiro wine stands out for its unique characteristics. Its good acidity is evidenced by a fruity aroma with citrus and floral notes.
Sensory profile
  • Fruity and refreshing
  • Delicate, elegant and mineral with good acidity showing exuberant notes suggesting white owers and passion fruit
  • Chilled for two or three hours Or 30 minutes on an iced frappe
  • Should be served at 8 to 10 °C (46.4° to 50°F)
Lighter than most and especially aromatic, Vinho Verde has a refreshing finish provided by a balanced blend of indigenous varieties, varying according to its color and characteristics.
100% Loureiro

Fruity, with citrus and oral
notes very typical of the variety.

Refreshing, delicate and elegant
Vinho Verde Loureiro: Fruity and refreshing
  • Designation of origin: Vinho Verde
  • Wine type: Loureiro
  • Grapes: Loureiro
  • Alcohol percentage: 11.50
  • Acidity: 6
  • Residual Sugar: 6
  • Capacity: 750ml


Controlled Denomination of Origin

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.
Each bottle is certified and identified by a numbered seal of guarantee to assure the quality of all methods and processes, issued by the Commission of The Vinho Verde Region.