The Cool Otter
Hybrid in its habitat, among valleys, rivers and mountains of the region's microclimate, The Cool Otter embodies the surrounding nature that provides wines with a lightness, freshness and unique palate.


aromatic elegance.

This bright, citrine Alvarinho with lemony nuances promotes a rich and intense aroma of tropical fruits with a complex and balanced structure.
Sensory profile
  • Bright citrus with lemony nuances
  • Rich and intense with tropical fruits, particularly pineapple and passion fruit
  • Chilled for two or three hours. or 30 minutes on na iced frappé
Lighter than most and especially aromatic, Vinho Verde has a refreshing finish provided by a balanced blend of indigenous varieties, varying according to its color and characteristics.
100% Alvarinho

Alvarinho differs from other Vinho Verde wines due to its robust body,
high alcohol content and good aging capacity.
The palate is full with balance between sugar, alcohol and
acidity. It is fresh, light and with a certain minerality.
Presents a long and persistent finish.

Freshness, aromatic elegance
Vinho Verde Alvarinho: Prolonged freshness characteristic of the region
  • Designation of origin: Vinho Verde
  • Wine type: Alvarinho
  • Grapes: Alvarinho
  • Alcohol percentage: 12.50
  • Acidity: 6
  • Residual Sugar: 5
  • Capacity: 750ml


Controlled Denomination of Origin

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.
Each bottle is certified and identified by a numbered seal of guarantee to assure the quality of all methods and processes, issued by the Commission of The Vinho Verde Region.