Trout, a river fish par excellence, delights in the crystalline, pure and fresh waters of the Amarante mountains. The effusiveness to counter currents and its easy identification make it as unique as the Sparkling Vinho Verde, with a fine, delicate and persistent bubble, it is an elegant and fine sparkling wine, with lively, dry and tasty acidity.

Fine, delicate

and persistent bubble.

Its freshness and acidity elegance in harmony with its floral fragrance, citrus notes and white fruit pulp bring a fine and persistent taste.
Sensory profile
  • Crystalline appearance and citrine colour
  • Delicate, balanced and unique
  • Must be served between 6 and 8º
  • Cool down for 2/3 hours
Lighter than most and especially aromatic, Vinho Verde has a refreshing finish provided by a balanced blend of indigenous varieties, varying according to its color and characteristics.
100% Loureiro

It is a wine obtained exclusively from a selection of grapes from
the most famous white variety ofthe Vinho Verde Region: Loureiro.
The grapes come from vines conducted in simple cords,
with an average age of 15 years

Delicate and unique
Espumante Vinho Verde: It is an elegant and fine sparkling wine, with lively, dry and tasty acidity
  • Designation of origin: Vinho Verde
  • Wine type: Sparkling
  • Grapes: Loureiro
  • Alcohol percentage: 12
  • Acidity: 5.6
  • Residual Sugar: 6
  • Capacity: 750ml


Controlled Denomination of Origin

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.
Each bottle is certified and identified by a numbered seal of guarantee to assure the quality of all methods and processes, issued by the Commission of The Vinho Verde Region.