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Amidst the Douro and the Tâmega river, with such peculiar terroir and a specific microclimate, these wines develop their freshness, their lightness and the exuberant vibrant and limpid color of their whites, reds and rosés.
IMAGE © VINHOVERDE.PTWith centuries of experience in winemaking and viticulture, brought from its people, its techniques and its endogenous grape varieties, is in the Northwest of Portugal where the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region is located – and made from a mixture of native grapes, Vinho Verde is a piece of history in a glass. The oldest known historical references of the Region come from the Roman Empire, in the 1st century BC.
The Vinho Verde Region

The Vinho Verde Region is more than just a bottle: its geographical location and delimitations, the characteristics of its soil, the specific environment and climate conditions allow it to grow endogenous (and exclusive!) grape varieties for such unique wines.

It is true the Vinho Verde Region has a specific microclimate, brought by such distinct and peculiar set of geographical, climacteric, and terroir characteristics, and the practices and methods of cultural vinification confirm and consecrate the uniqueness of Vinho Verde wines.

It is 111 years since the Vinho Verde Region was declared by the Legal Charter as a Vinho Verde Demarcated Region. Considered a national scenario and legally recognized as such in the early ’60s as a D.O.C. – Denomination of Controlled Origin, the Vinho Verde Region has increased its traditional vinification efforts, mainly due to its native grape varieties, which have produced wines with low alcohol content, young and fresh wines best consumed within a year.

Seal of Guarantee

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.

Each bottle is identified by a numbered guarantee seal to guarantee the quality of all production methods and processes. The certification is issued by the Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region and attests to the originality and genuineness of each bottle of wine, verifying its origin and quality from a unique Region in the world: the Vinho Verde Region, in Portugal.

From a land of History and Tradition
in the production of fine wines: always light, always fresh, always refreshing.

The uniqueness, acidity, boisterous texture and final taste in each glass conquer the hearts of more and more wine lovers around the world for their gastronomic aptitude to several cultures and palates, always with a mark of lightness, freshness and slight acidity.

From Amarante, Portugal.
These Vinho Verde wines are from Amarante. Proudly made and produced in the city amidst the Tâmega river and the Marão sierra. Amarante tells the story of a city markedly Romanesque with breathtaking naturalistic landscapes, bathed by the Tâmega river and the superb views of the sierras that surround it. Of a certain rectitude and mystery, there is an enchantment, romanticism of its identity matrix - the culture and art of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, the paintor, and Teixeira de Pascoaes, writer, poet and philosopher.
With each sip, a different flavor and unique texture that could only come from the city amidst the river and the sierra.

From early on we realized that we were not conveying the right message mirrored to our identity, the new youth and the history of the Region. Concerned to be erased and infimated in a country of the most varied wines and wine varietals, we thrived to stand out as we always thought we were: truly special.

IMAGEM © BISARRO STUDIOIn their riverbanks sparsely inhabit fauna from other times, which are honored and remembered on our labels: the Tâmega otter, the wild duck, and the river turtle, increasingly endangered species.

In a way, we're proudly bringing them back to life and to the river that was always theirs.
To exist is not to think: it is to be remembered.
Teixeira de Pascoaes
The Otter
Hybrid by nature, the otter moves freely between the valleys and mountains of the Region, on the riverbanks of Tâmega that bathes Amarante.

Hidden along the banks of ash trees and alder trees, the river Otter is a nomadic savage, choosing land and water as its habitats.

The Vinho Verde White wine takes youth, dynamism, and freedom of movement from the Otter: it personifies the surrounding nature, river waters, and mountains, which provides so much of the lightness, freshness, and unique palate of the White.

Without the influence of the microclimate of the Region, the valleys and mountains, the proximity to the Atlantic, the humidity and the sea winds, such color, texture, body, and young ripeness would not be achieved.

The Royal Duck
Agile, graceful and delicate, just like the Rosé it represents.

It represents a light wine, sweet palate, agitated body, lightly charred, and clear and pinkish color. A mellic Vinho Verde of extreme freshness, like the freshwater rivers of Amarante.

The Royal Duck is a gregarious, flock bird which mirrors the sharing of this soft and fresh Rosé with those you most want – family and friends.

The Turtle
Conservative and reserved, it represents a traditional and classic wine.

Next to the river bed of the Tâmega, hidden between the banks of streams, ponds, and lagoons, the meadows, willows, and ashes, lives the river turtle.

With a pronounced timidity but imposing presence, the amphibian easily gives identity to a more conservative and reserved Vinho Verde, a description for its lovers – strong of palate, snobs of wine, and bold of textures.