The basics

You’ll need to know the basics first: Vinho Verde wine is undeniably young and unapologetic for it. It doesn’t age in wooden barrels and it doesn’t sit for months or years for it to develop aromas. That’s the special thing with Vinho Verde: it has its own identity.

You can expect a different but cheerful flavor – lighter yet acidic, with a fruity or floral fragrance. Vinho Verde is made from indigenous grape blends to achieve the perfect equilibrium between young yet mild, acidic yet balanced, fruity yet harmonious. A young wine, best consumed within a year of harvest to comply with their freshness.


Where does Vinho Verde get its name, then?

The name “Vinho Verde” comes from the youthfulness of its taste and texture, as well as the lush green, dense foliage landscape of its Region.The Vinho Verde Region, due to its peculiar weather and terroir characteristics, excels the winemaking production of fresh, low alcoholic white and sparkling wines as well as spirit beverages, mainly due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean nearby, sea winds, mild climate, high precipitation, and granitic soil – combined in a microclimate perfectly tailored to produce light, fresh and refreshing wines.

Is Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde develops tiny bubbles when served, caused by the winemaking natural malolactic fermentation process, which creates carbon dioxide later trapped inside the bottle. In sensorial terms, it tastes light, a bit acidic yet with a refreshing fizziness.

As the grapes’ acids turn to sugar, the level of acidity falls and the amount of alcohol increases, leaving to the winemaker the decision on the ratio and flavor balance.