What is in a vinho verde wine label
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Product of Portugal

The origin – one of the most important characteristics as it indicates its quality level as a traditional wine country. In the case of Vinho Verde wines, it is certainly accompanied by a Vinho Verde Seal of Guarantee, to approve its origin and quality.

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Seal of Guarantee

Issued by the Vinho Verde Region Committee, the Seal of Guarantee assures the origin, the Region, and the winemaking production and processes.

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Alcohol Content

Why is Vinho Verde a low-alcoholic wine? Giving its grape varieties, winemaking process as well as the maturation of its grape, Vinho Verde, as a young wine has specific young grape varieties, low residual sugar and therefore, low alcohol content.

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Contains sulfites

Sulfites are naturally present compounds in the fermentation process, helping as a preservative against bad bacteria or other microorganisms – but this protection only lasts a few weeks and that’s why it is added extra sulfites to preserve all bottles. 

5 of 5 Reasons to Choose Vinho Verde

D.O.C. certified

D.O.C means Controlled Denomination of Origin and is an exclusive seal of origin and quality assurance for Vinho Verde winemakers.