DOC Vinho Verde Blends

Vinho Verde shares an acidic, crisp and slightly fizzy body.


Lighter than most and especially aromatic, our Vinho Verde wines have a refreshing finish provided by a balanced blend of indigenous varieties, predominantly Arinto and Azal as a foundation, and varying according to its color and characteristics: White, Rosé or Red Vinho Verde.

Grape varieties


One of the oldest harvested in Portugal, producing young, fresh and vibrant wines with lemony notes, gaining some complexity due to its mineral characteristics.


Noble variety of grapes known for its pungent orange and linden floral aromas with a natural harmonious acidity.


Typical Iberian grape mixed for greater flavor and boldness, with hints of mature pears and peaches. Pairs perfectly with Loureiro grape variety to provide a more prominent wine.


From blueish berries, it transforms into ruby red wines. It is a rustic, perfumed, acidic, and lively grape variety.


An heavy-colored grape variety, producing the most dark and opaque wines and to tint Rosés. It offers a strong rustic palate, full-bodied texture with high levels of acidity.


Ruby colored rustic grape, producing zesty aromas yet bold, full-bodied textures.

The Vinho Verde Region

Made from a blend of all indigenous grape varieties, Vinho Verde is a piece of history in a glass.

Considered as a national landscape and legally recognized as such in the early ‘60s as a protected D.O.C. land, The Vinho Verde Region rose its traditional winemaking efforts mainly due to its autochthonous grape varieties which produced such low alcoholic, fresh and young wines unique in the world.

All nine Vinho Verde sub-regions have very different microclimates, achieving different depths, flavors, textures and alcohol percentages, varying from 9% to 14% vol., over 47 grape varieties and countless blending options in order to achieve a peculiar taste, although sharing the lightness and the youthfulness in every glass. The uniqueness, the acidity, the fizzy texture and the aftertaste on every sip wins the hearts of more and more wine lovers across the world.