A Wine Lover’s Guide: The Wonders of Vinho Verde

You’ll never forget the first sip of such a light, fresh, mineral young wine. Vinho Verde wines are truly unique in the world, in its most literal sense: it can’t be produced anywhere else in the world and it is geographically delimitated to its origin – The Vinho Verde Region, located in the northwest of Portugal.


What D.O.C mean in Vinho Verde wines?

D.O.C means Denominação de Origem Controlada in Portuguese or Denomination of Controlled Origin – it is practically a seal of originality and quality assurance, meaning the Vinho Verde wine is recognized and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture in every step of its production and complies with strict laws and regulations designated for each wine region – in this particular case, Vinho Verde must be harvested within the geographical delimitations of the Vinho Verde Region, due to its unique microclimate, peculiar weather and terroir characteristics.

You can learn more about D.O.C.’s prestigious designation in the official institutional website.

Did you

Every Vinho Verde bottle has its own seal of guarantee.

The Seal of Guarantee certifies the origin, the Region, and the winemaking production and processes – from the vineyard to the bottle. Each stamp is unique, with coding both unique and traceable.

You can enter your Seal of Guarantee code and discover the history of your bottle.