6 Tips to Make You Look Like a Wine Snob

Let it be, let it breathe

Not all bottles need oxygen to release their aromas or even tannins. Vinho Verde does not require decanting due to its young age, light body, and freshness but the act of aeration contributes to its aromatic evolution.


Swirl, whiff and sip

Swirl gently and observe the color and viscosity, lighter or thicker. Over a whiff, start to notice the smell. And over a tiny sip, evaluate the palate, the texture, and the aftertaste. If you want to be the snobbiest of them all, compare your experience using the Aroma Wheel image below.

Destalo Wine | Vinho Verde | Aroma Wheel


Know your cheeses

Maybe you appreciate a creamier cheese like Brie or you’re a strong advocate for Roquefort. Vinho Verde wines sure are fresh, light, and low-alcoholic, but different wines ask for different cheeses. 


Learn how to pair

Take your time to sniff, smell, and taste the wine. Feel the texture, let the flavors linger in your mouth, and describe the aftertastes. Is it dry? Is it acidic? Is it earthy, maybe a bit heavier than usual? Learn how to match your bottle to your food – appetizers, main dishes, or even desserts with this guide.


Wine with a twist? Try cocktails for summer get-togethers

Yes, the wine itself is great but what about mixes and twists? After all, a true cocktail must be done with high-quality alcohol, whether is a low-alcoholic option for sunset get-togethers or maybe a boozy sangria for dinner. Take a look at all our fruity cocktail suggestions.


How to properly serve?

Different wines require different servings, and temperature matters, too. Learn how to properly preserve, serve and pour Vinho Verde here.