Vinho Verde White

Light-colored, fizzy young wine with strong fruity developments, strikingly green apple and lemon hints. Fresh and refreshing with a lively, acidic finish.

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Vinho Verde Rosé

Slightly fizzy wine with cherry colorful notes and a refreshing red berries flavor, possessing a mild sweetness as well as an acidic, engaging finish.

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Vinho Verde Red

Vibrant, acidic and notably sharp, Vinho Verde Red is a youthful, complex experience with a dark, tainted ruby color and a strong yet tasteful resemblance to wild berries.

The Vinho Verde Region

The Vinho Verde Region is more than just a bottle: its geographical location and delimitations, the characteristics of its soil, the specific environment and climate conditions allow it to grow endogenous (and exclusive!) grape varieties for such unique wines.

Made in Portugal.

Seal of Guarantee

Each bottle is unique. Truly unique.

Each bottle is identified by a numbered guarantee seal to guarantee the quality of all production methods and processes. The certification is issued by the Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region and attests to the originality and genuineness of each bottle of wine, verifying its origin and quality from a unique Region in the world: the Vinho Verde Region, in Portugal.