Cheese Vinho Verde D'estalo Wine


Isn’t cheese and wine the ultimate best combination? Isn’t it? You’re might be lying if you disagree. But we’ll prove you wrong.

So many cheeses

We are a Portuguese proud company so as typical Portuguese people we do like our cheese and wine. So many kinds of cheese. So many kinds of wine. But today we’re going to address the best cheeses that goes incredibly well with our northern kind Vinho Verde (or Green Wine – we don’t certainly translate this name because we’re truly #winelovers but, you know, we’ll understand if you do). Don’t know what Vinho Verde is? You can check it here.

Cheese & Wine goes well together: Vinho Verde White Wine edition

Vinho Verde can be characterized as a young wine so its flavor will be more acidic, less alcoholic and with a lighter feel and fruitier notes like lemony or green apple taste, maybe a little nuttier sometimes.

Therefore, the best cheeses to pair with are the creamy ones. Here’s some examples:


Chèvre Cheese with Vinho verde
Plain chèvre makes wonders with Vinho Verde but you can spice it up too because a lightly sparkling young wine complements the cheese as well.

Portuguese Goat Cheese

Portuguee Goat Cheese paired with Vinho Verde
Our goat cheese is more intense and even saltier, but its creaminess is to die for. You just have to try it.


Camembert Vinho Verde Green Wine
Camembert is very similar to Brie both in cremosity, flavor and texture. Therefore, they pair great with Vinho Verde whites.


Brie Cheese Viho Verde
French-born soft ripened cow’s milk. So creamy.


Gorgonzola Vinho Verde Green Wine
Any type of blue cheese works even if it has nuts in it. Experience the mixture of a soft gorgonzola with a salty pinch and a lightly acidic Vinho Verde white wine.


Feta Cheese Vinho Verde
Salad, feta cheese and Vinho Verde White Wine? What a perfect combo.

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1 de March, 2019